About the Hayling Island Musical Society

The Hayling Musical Society was founded in 1959, oringinally called Hayling Island Operatic Society.

We currently have 3 sections in our society. ‘Hayling Musical Society’ is the adult section, ‘Hayling Youngstars’ is the children’s section for 10-17 year olds and ‘Hayling Littlestars’ for budding performers aged 5 to 9 years.

Our performances and rehearsals take place at Hayling Island Community Centre, making it our first ever real home and we are proud to work with the Centre to this end.

For more information on any of our groups, please contact
hello@haylingmusicalsociety.co.uk or call 07807 231543

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Our next show is “A Little Shop of Horrors” which is unfortunately postponed until further notice due to COVID-19.

the history of the hayling musical society

The URC Hall was a popular venue for both rehearsals and some great performances of musicals and panto together with The Hayling School (as it was then) stage.

HIOPS decided to perform Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat encouraging many younger members to join and to that end a junior section was created – Hayling Island Junior Operatic Society (HIJOS).

he group were a very talented mix of girls and boys and it was a pleasure to see them grow in confidence performing great shows such as Pirates of Penzance, Annie, Bugsy Malone and even taking a song and dance style show on tour to Wales and Gorron!

The group drew to a natural close when the members either left for Uni or careers (some in musical theatre!) and of course some stayed on moving up to HIOPS.

After much deliberation HIOPS changed its name to Hayling Musical Society (HMS) for two main reasons.  Firstly many people believed we only performed Opera and secondly people confused us with the similarly named Drama Group HIADS.

HMS continued (as nomads) performing great shows to appreciative audiences and once again a younger element was emerging.

The Hayling Youngstars were formed and have been wowing audiences with quality shows such as Wizard of Oz, High School Musical and many more including the wonderful Les Miserables ( school edition) in 2017.

The juniors have amalgamated with the adults in shows such as Guys and Dolls, Sweeney Todd, JCS and Fiddler on the Roof.

With the success of The Youngstars more young people were wishing to join and at the end of 2017 we are proud to have formed The Hayling Littlestars taking young people aged 5-9.

In February 2020 we are proud to have the first show with all 3 society groups represented, Littlestars, Youngstars and the adults.

Over the last number of years both HMS and Youngstars have been performing their shows at The Community Centre, Hayling Island. Now in a position to also rehearse at the Centre making it our first ever real home.

The wonderful, talented, musical theatre actress Stephanie Lawrence was the President of our Society until her sad early passing.

The President position moved on to stalwart members for the next number of years.

In 2017 we were privileged to have the company of Mr Wayne Sleep OBE at a Youngstars Production. In his true, kind, open style he enjoyed his time with us and when we approached him to become our next President he freely accepted.

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